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  White Merlot - 2011                         
Varietal 100% Merlot

Golden liquid nectar. A sweet, delicately
fruity wine with a honeyed crispness.  
Delicious served chilled as an aperitif
or paired with strawberries or with spicy
asian fare.  
1st place winner Santa Cruz
County Fair 2011 & 2012 
Governors Choice Award


Merlot Blanc De Noir - 2011
Varietal 100% Merlot

Blanc De Noir is a dry version of the White
Merlot made by fermenting out more
of the natural sugars.

Pairs well with chicken, seafood and
pasta dishes.

  Merlot - 2009
Varietal 100% Merlot

A medium bodied, well balanced red wine
with good structure and tannins.

This delicious wine is easy to enjoy on its
own or pairs well with grilled or smoked
red meat and fish. 

  Rincon Red - Non Vintage
Merlot/Chancellor Blend

Rincon Red is a deliciously sweet fruit
forward blend with luscious mouthwatering
berry flavors.
Pairs well with a range of foods from BBQ
spare ribs to chocolate cake.     
                                                                        Whole Foods Peoples Choice
 Award & 2nd Place at Santa
Cruz County Fair 2011 & 2012            

Santa Rita Rose - Non Vintage
French Colombard Blend

A medium sweet rose with hints of
strawberry and watermelon.
A smooth easy drinking wine, the
perfect accompaniment for a summer
1st place winner Santa Cruz       County Fair 2012             
  Empire White - Non Vintage
Sauvignon Blanc Blend

A light dry white wine with a hint of
grapefruit on the finish.

Pairs well with shellfish and chicken
Cabernet Sauvignon - 2011
Varietal 100% Cabernet Sauvignon 

A big bold red red wine with a velvety
vanilla finish. 

Pairs well with steak and blue cheese.
Syrah - 2011
Varietal 100% Syrah

A fruity dry red.  
Pairs well with grilled meats, black olives,
soft cheeses and bittersweet chocolate.