Charron Vineyards


Our Wines


Deliciously smooth and fruit forward. 
Slowly aged in French Oak.  

100% Arizona grapes.

Dry White Merlot                           
A medium bodied, smooth dry white.

100% Arizona grapes.

A dry white with aromatic notes of peach & pear.

100% Arizona grapes.

Merlot Blanc De Noir 

Dry full bodied blush wine.

100% Arizona grapes.


Lightly oaked with a peppery finish. 

100% Arizona grapes.
Dos Amigos 
Tempranillo/Merlot Blend.

Bold dry red aged in Hungarian Oak.

100% Arizona grapes.

Rosemont Red
Montepulciano/Merlot Blend

Soft & smooth with nuances of ripe black cherry.
Sweet White Merlot          

Deliciously smooth with aromas 
of wild honey. 
1st place winner SantaCruz County Fair & Governors Choice Award     
100% Arizona grapes.

  Santa Rita Rosé 
French Colombard Blend

A medium sweet rose with hints
of strawberry and rose.
1st place winner Santa Cruz County Fair    
Rincon Red
Merlot/Chancellor Blend

Luscious mouthwatering berry flavors.

Whole Foods Peoples Choice Award & 
2nd Place at Santa Cruz County Fair 

  Tortolita Blanca
Moscato/White Merlot Blend

A whisper of honeysuckle and lychee.